eMammal Opportunity in Raleigh Area

What animals are using your woods or backyard?  How does your site compares to others?

If you live in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill join eMammal to run a camera trap and find out!

We are starting a new citizen science camera trap project that helps you manage camera trap pictures, share the data, put your results in perspective that can address larger scientific and conservation questions about where animals live.  We want you to help us understand how animal communities change from urban to suburban to rural and wild areas, and what human factors affect that.  Our early research revealed some interesting results about the effect of chicken coops, dogs, and fences, but we need to expand this work to bring in more factors.  Are habitat corridors important?  If you live next to Umstead State Park will you have more animals? Where are the coyotes hanging out and why? (We only got 2 coyotes in our earlier Raleigh work).

The eMammal project has already worked with hundreds of volunteers to survey 29 parks from South Carolina to Maryland, but this will be a new venture into urban ecology with the opportunity for you be our beta testers.  We hope to expand this research to other cities in the future to see if the things we learn about Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill are repeatable across the United States.

Here’s a summary of how it will work:

1)    You get a camera trap (limited to Reconyx and Bushnell models now, contact us about using other models)

2)    You pick a spot you want to monitor and fill out this form.

3)    You receive an invitation from us to officially participate in the project.

4)    You complete the online training course.

5)    You go to your site and strap the camera to a tree.

6)    You come back 2-3 weeks later to retrieve the memory card.  You may then move the camera to a new tree for another 2 weeks (or leave the camera at its current location, but we prefer more locations even if they are close together).

7)    You use our eMammal software (downloaded from the website) on your computer to identify the species in each picture.

8)    You upload the pictures to us using the eMammal software.  We review each one to confirm the species identification, and then archive them in our database.

9)    In the near future we will have these results available for you to review and compare to other locations at the new eMammal website (www.emammal.org – still under construction)

If you are interested in volunteering please fill in the form and we will contact you soon!


22 responses to “eMammal Opportunity in Raleigh Area

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  2. I live in Northeast Raleigh on 3 wooded acres next to the Neuse River. I have it all. I would love to have camera installed. Please contact me and give me more info. If I need to purchase a camera I will consider. If there is one to borrow that is fine too. I often hear lot of noises in the back of my lot at nights. Owls, beavers, deer, hawks, fox, ground hogs, and bobcats have been seen by neighbors. No telling what else. My email is ehbland@gmail.com.

    • It would be great to have you as part of the project Eddie. To get started with the project click here to fill out a short form to show interest and one of our volunteer coordinators will get in touch and help answer your questions.

  3. I would like to participate .. North Raleigh inSide city.. Our property & area has a creek, & a larger space for the animals to graze ,run & have Fun. I really enjoy watching most except… squirrels ( they eat on the house!!) they Need to back off & move away front the house!! I have seen so many different animals I would of never thought would be in our yard /area & play in the road & cul-de-sac…families of Deer, raccoon, coyote , foxes, eagles, bobcat, I ve been called the hawk whisperer :), owls, rabbits, squirrels ( yuck) , many birds, & a little gray bird with a red cone sings so beautifully.. They might be babies , but I don’t think so. Count me in .. Let’s get started. Would need to borrow the equipment.

  4. We live on Kildare Lake in Cary. We’ve seen squirrels, beaver, muskrat, raccoons, a fox or two, plus all manner of birds and waterfowl. Where is the best place to buy a camera? Best to have video or still shots? Color or B&W? Is baiting allowed? If we participate, is the cost of the camera a tax deduction?

    • Hi Bob, thanks for your interest. To get started with the project click here to fill out a short form to show interest and one of our volunteer coordinators will get in touch and help answer your questions.

  5. Could you give me names and model numbers of the cameras you have used successfully? I live in Durham.

  6. Hi Jan, thank you for your interest in our project. We prefer to use Reconyx and Bushnell brand cameras because we know they are reliable and will work with our software. We recommend the Reconyx P800 model and the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD (119537/119547) model.

    • I bought the Bushnell Trophy Cam. It seems to be a good camera. However, on the package it says to use a MasterLock Python cable lock to secure the camera to a tree, but the Python cable would not fit through the holes in the camera body.

      • Hi John, there are two sizes of Python locks, regular and heavy duty. The regular lock should fit through the guides in the back of the Bushnell but the heavy duty is too large.

  7. Will the emammal project only notify those who have been chosen to participate? I filled out an application but have not heard anything.

    • Hi John, we are still finalizing our online training. Once the training module is complete, we will begin inviting people to train and participate in the project. We have a long list of interested volunteers and limited cameras so if you signed up only recently, it make take some time for a camera to become available for you. Be looking for future emails from me with updates!

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  9. Hello
    We would like to participate. Live in Apex, NC. I can buy the camera. Kindly add me to your list and let us know next steps

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