Camera traps offer a peek into the minds of nervous deer

Research & Collections

Last summer I was going fishing as part of an inland fisheries class with North Carolina State University’s (NCSU) Wildlife Summer Camp. While I was walking around the pond to secure a section of the bank to fish, I stumbled upon a baby white-tailed deer, which was curled into a ball near the pond bank. It didn’t move or make a sound. In fact, I reached down and scooped it into my arms before my teacher, a deer researcher at NCSU, and classmates caught up to me. Because we were part of a class, we had appropriate permits to handle wildlife (don’t try this at home). We learned how to age the fawn based on size and behavior and determined it was only seven days old! The fawn was not stressed, so we took pictures, before releasing it back where it was hiding. We loved the experience of seeing a…

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