eMammal is a system for collecting, storing, and sharing camera trap data.  The system is designed for scientists and citizen scientists, and anyone who wants to join in the fun and discovery of camera trapping. Citizen volunteers place “camera traps”, infrared activated cameras, across the landscape in parks and other natural areas to collect photos of mammals. The camera trappers then use our custom-made software to look at pictures, identify animals, and upload them to the Smithsonian Data Repository for review and storage. These data help researchers answer questions about mammal distribution and abundance and use this information for conservation. Plus, they provide a unique view into the hidden world of wildlife. For a fun animal ID game using eMammal favorites, click on eMammal Lite for more! To see more camera trap photos from eMammal volunteers and find out what is going on with the project visit our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/emammal.




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  1. We live in 2 acres in Wake Co. NC. and would like to participate in the backyard project, together with our abundant wildlife. Do not have the correct camera and would like to borrow one.
    What steps should we follow?

    John and Luz Frye

  2. We love in the middle of 15 acres in Raleigh NC, Wake County and are across the street from Umstead Park which encompasses 5,249 acres of many types of different wildlife that visit our property everyday and night. Would be a great contribution to your project and would love to volunteer my time to help however would want you to loan me the equipment in order to help.
    Please let me know if interested.
    Mr. Bruce A. Hatcher

    • Thanks for your interest Mr. Hatcher, your property sounds like a great fit for the project. Click here and fill out the form to indicate your interest and we will contact you about the next step for volunteering.

  3. Our Refuge Friends Group is partnering with the local college to track some mammals on the Refuge using Reconyx cameras. We would like to use your database to report the data. Do you have a standard protocol that we can use to make sure that we are performing in alignment with your requirements?

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